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About MentalHealthEdu

The University of Alabama is committed to the well-being of our students, faculty and staff. To help achieve this goal, we invest significant resources in a variety of activities and initiatives designed to increase security on our campus.  In keeping with our mission, the University is pleased to announce the arrival of MentalHealthEdu.

During a 12-month period, 42% of college students nationwide felt so depressed at times that is was difficult to function and 9% had seriously considered suicide*.  MentalHealthEdu will provide tools and information to administrators, faculty, staff, graduate assistants and student workers in hopes that they may be able to identify and refer students who may be distressed to appropriate campus resources.  Ultimately, we hope that this program will help create synergy within our UA campus community.

*American College Health Association. American College Health Association - National College Health Assessment: Reference Group Executive Summary Fall 2006. Baltimore, MD: American College Health Association; 2007.